One in five adults in America struggles with mental illness. This could look like a battle to get out of bed in the morning, constant fights with those you love, dragging yourself through the day, using substances to cope with emotional pain, worry about the future, or shame and self-criticism about past experiences. You may have thought about seeking help in the past, but decided it was too hard. Maybe you feel beyond help or scared of talking about your problems with someone you don't know. These thoughts, along with the stigma around mental illness, can be enough to keep you from receiving the help you need. Without the proper care, people often spiral down into isolation and hopelessness. We provide psychotherapy services to catch people in this downward spiral, to support you in your efforts to have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, and to help you understand and work through the blocks that keep standing in your way. Our services are available for individual adults, teens and couples. Read below for more information about our treatment approach and values.


Sage Institute is committed to offering psychotherapy that is accessible, especially to communities with high rates of trauma and mental illness who traditionally face barriers to accessing services. We offer sliding scale rates to help those who have less financial resources access the help they need. We take great care to adapt our services to the individuals we serve, facilitating a culturally-responsive therapeutic fit, working together to co-create a safe space, listening carefully to your needs, meeting you where you are at, and sensitively addressing any concerns that arise.

Holistic Sensibility

The therapists at Sage are committed to providing a holistic approach to psychological struggles, appreciating the complexity and context of each person we serve. We account for a broad range of factors that affect psychological wellbeing, including the impact made by family systems and oppressive social structures, as well as issues pertaining to spiritual meaning, purpose, vision, creativity, and non-normative states of consciousness. Our therapists emphasize presence and awareness, a sense of personal authenticity and a trust in each individual’s innate knowledge, guidance and wisdom.

Trauma Informed Care

There is a growing consensus in the field of psychotherapy that psychological distress often cannot be fully understood without accounting for the impact of childhood trauma. The trauma informed approach we take at Sage aims to help you develop a sense of safety with your therapist through unconditional empathy and careful attention your emotional experience. Our therapists also help to provide you with tools you can use to regain a sense of safety when the world inside and outside feels overwhelming and dangerous. Psychedelic psychotherapy is by its very nature a powerful agent in amplifying the experience of all parts of who we are, including aspects of experience that have been avoided due to their disturbing nature. The trauma-informed approach taken at Sage aims to use this amplification as an opportunity to work through the undigested experiences that haunt the psyche, helping you to feel safe living inside your body and in connection with others.

Psychedelic Psychotherapy 

Prior to the nearly international half-century prohibition on psychedelic psychotherapy research and practice, thousands of articles were published tracking the efficacy of psychedelic enhanced psychotherapy. The resurgence of research on psychedelic medicines in the last decade has provided unprecedented support for the effectiveness of psychedelic psychotherapy. 

Psychedelic medicines, specifically MDMA and Ketamine, reduce activity in the amygdala, the fear center of the brain, allowing the client an opportunity to recollect and reconsolidate the memories and emotions associated with disturbing events without being re-traumatized by the terror that accompanies memory. Ketamine has been shown to be highly effective in recovering from treatment resistant depression and PTSD, while also evoking psycho-spiritual experiences that help people to reconnect to meaning and purpose in their lives. 

Sage Institute offers therapy services in the burgeoning field of psychedelic medicine, integrating psychedelic-assisted therapies into our offerings as they become legal. We train practitioners in a cutting edge model of ketamine assisted therapy from a depth psychological approach.